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Nigerians pester me for sex movies – Afro candy



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US-based Nigerian actress, singer, writer and model, Afrocandy, real name Judith Opara-Mazagwu, talks about her obsession with sexually explicit movies and her latest work, Destructive Instinct, in an online interview with JULIET BUMAH

Any special reason you chose the name, AfroCandy?

I chose the name because guys call me ‘Eye Candy’. And I figured, if I’m an eye candy and I’m African, I should be an AfroCandy.

Did you do a boob job or are your breasts natural?

No, I did not do any boob job. My boobs are all mine, naturally made and given to me by my creator.

Why did you go into pornographic movies?

I’m not into pornography. I’ll say this over and over. The fact that I chose to make romance and sex scenes in my movies real should not make me a porn star. Now tell me, would you call the actors that play assassin and killer roles in movies murderers because they play such roles? Why are eyebrows being raised over this my movie? Or, is it because it has to do with sex, which is supposed to be a way of life? I find that to be sexist honestly. You can call me daring, brave, bold and beautiful. And I will like you to tell me what you call movies like ‘Basic Instinct, ‘I spit on your grave’ and the likes of them. And I’ll also like you to tell me what you may call actors like Sharon Stone, Halley Berry and co for taking similar roles in those movies before I can answer you directly.

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